Dantes Psychology Services is directed by psychologists with longstanding experience in investigating and managing problematic behavior, such as threats, intimidation, stalking and bullying. Being active professionals in the field, we understand the motivations behind disruptive and problematic behaviour. Due to our scientific education and practical experience with investigations in and outside law enforcement, we are able to offer a high-quality service to investigate, assess and manage problematic conduct.

The main objective of our advisory work is to prevent escalation and investigate incidents with strong behavioral compoments. We trust that our advice work has positive effects on productivity, work satisfaction, the peace of mind of staff and reduces costs.

Dantes Psychology Services operates closely with a solid international network of renowned experts in the field of threat assessment, psychological screening, investigation and personal protection. This collaboration allows a fast and professional response to critical situations for clients on all continents.

The name of our company is inspired by the fictional character of Edmond Dantes, better known as the Count of Monte Cristo, the eponymous title of the novel by Alexandre Dumas.

This exquisite gem of world literature tells the elaborate, gripping story of Dantes and his road from grave injustice to his final vindication. The book contains many layers and themes, but what appealed to us most are two elements of Dantes’ character and journey.

First of all, Dantes is by no means a saint. It is in the complexity of the character, the presentation of both his strengths and his tendency to derail, that we believe the story is at its best. From our perspective, this fascinating story not only illustrates the challenges we face in our casework, but also reflects the intriguing motivations of the people who come to us and the tangled situations that they are in.
Secondly, Dantes’ perseverance, careful consideration and strongly psychological perspective on people, enable him to correct and counter his unenviable situation.

In an analogous way, Dantes Psychology Services aims to support our clients’ understanding, assessment and management of the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ side of the people they encounter, and to understand the circumstances in which they pose a threat to people, property and reputations, inside and outside of their organisation. Overall, we consider this to be of crucial importance, leading to healthy, upright and efficient organisations in which people can excel.


Mr. Cornelis van Putten received a PhD. in Philosophy from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2006 …
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Mr. Bram B. Van der Meer holds academic degrees in Criminology from the University of Pretoria, South-Africa …
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