Mr. Cornelis van Putten received a PhD. in Philosophy from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2006 and a MSc. in both Clinical Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Tilburg in 2001. He also received a degree in Criminal Investigation in 2009.

Mr. van Putten is specialised in the assessment and management of problematic behaviour. He has gained a lot of experience with conducting (internal) investigations. He regularly advises board of directors how to understand the psychological dynamics and strategies behind problematic behavior and provide them with interventions that are both effective and sustainable. Prior to his work with Dantes, he was for more than a decade employed as a behavioural expert within law-enforcement. His expertise entailed behavioral aspects of witness statements and providing behavioural advice to police investigations.

Mr. van Putten is a guest lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management on the topic of Behavioral Compliance, the Training and Study Centre of the Judiciary on the psychology of dealing with witnesses in criminal investigations and at the Centre of Organizational Integrity. He serves on the editorial board of the American Psychological Association accredited Journal of Threat Assessment and Management.