Threat Assessment Services

Assessment of Demanding Workplace Behaviour

No organisation is immune to people with problematic behaviour: whether it is employees, managers in senior positions or clients. These individuals often cause frustration and have a negative impact on work morale, but in some cases their behaviour is more intense, causing fear, severe disturbance of the work process and damage to property or people. Examples are bullying, intimidation, stalking, false allegations, product contamination and threatening communication.

Dantes Psychology Services helps the organisation to understand the motivation behind these behaviours, has the expertise to assess potential risks and advises on how to prevent and manage potential escalations.

In cases of anonymous threats, we have the expertise to develop a psychological offender profile which helps guide investigative actions during the search for the perpetrator.

Dantes Psychology Services also has the experience, formal clearances and  contacts (both local and international) to set up, coordinate and perform investigations for organisations.


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