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Effective Employment Interviewing

During this one-day training, the participant learns behavioural and communication skills to support an effective employment interview. Conducting such interviews requires a structured, risk focused approach. This training will present the professional methodology for this.

The first part of the training day deals with topics such as the ‘deadly sins of job interviewing’ and why interviews are often ineffective. Participants will learn why people gather and use irrelevant information to make important decisions. An important emphasis during this training will be on how to conduct a tough interview and ask hard questions without being offensive.

The second part of the day aims at practising and assessing real-life cases, and handling dilemmas that appear during interviews. Participants are invited to bring in their own casework. The course is a mélange of interview-training techniques and techniques to improve personal effectiveness, heighten awareness of judgmental biases and develop knowledge on how to provide more effective job interviews.

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