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False Claims And Simulation Of Psychiatric Disorder

The economic loss that society suffers due to false insurance claims is striking. Indications are that instances of employees malingering and faking psychotrauma for financial benefit are on the increase. In particular insurance companies and even health care professionals, are confronted with claimants producing stories of something that never happened and changing or exaggerating crucial elements of events.

During this training we will focus on identifying malingering and considering how psychotrauma for financial benefit is faked. Participants will gain familiarity with behavioural indicators of simulation and how fabricated claims differ from reliable claims of, for instance, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis or depression.

Solid interviewing and investigative skills, with a behavioural focus, are crucial when cases of this form of fraud are investigated. It is therefore recommended that clients combine this one-day training with a two-day session on strategic interviewing. The interview training will then be adjusted and fine-tuned to the specific field of work of the insurance specialist.

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