Behavioral assessment

Investigating Concerning Workplace Behaviour

On a regular basis we conduct internal investigations.  From low level concerns to serious workplace violence from internal and external parties.  Our experts investigate integrity issues like abuse…

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Building Expert Teams

The best way to accomplish a socially safe workplace is by having a system in place to deal with workplace issues. This is a combination of Compliance, HR,  Care and Security. Having a behavioral…

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Threat Assessment and Unwanted Communications

Dantes has developed quite some expertise with handling cases of (anonymous) threats and unwanted communication. We have the expertise to assess the risks involved and advice how to deal with this…

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Investigations and Policy Advice

Screening and Risk Assessment

Dantes provides assessments for individuals on sensitive positions and for teams working under stressful conditions. We use a combination of background screening, personality assessments and…

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Investigations on Social Safety and Concerning Behaviour in Organizations

We conduct investigations into organisational culture and social safety. Given our background as psychologists we know how to take into consideration the personal and systemic aspects of behaviour in…

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