Dantes Psychology Services is directed by psychologists with longstanding experience in investigating problematic workplace situations, ranging from a culture of fear to threats and aggression. We advice many organisations how to prevent this behavior from reoccuring by investigations, by implementing sustainable structures and the training of management and staff.

Our advice work has positive effects on productivity, work satisfaction, the peace of mind of staff, reduces costs and improves social safety.

Dantes Psychology Services operates closely with a solid international network of renowned experts in the field of team-coaching, psychological screening, threat assessment, investigation and personal protection. This collaboration allows a fast and professional response to critical situations.

Bram B. van der Meer

Bram B. van der Meer studied Criminology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa and earned an MSc. in Clinical-Forensic Psychology at Leiden University. He took specialized training with international investigative organizations in psychological offender profiling, threat analysis and interview technique. In 2011, he completed a postdoctoral training program as a criminal investigation…

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Inge Nijenhuis

Inge Nijenhuis received her MSc. in clinical psychology from Leiden University. Since 1998, she has been working in business. She held various directorial roles, including in business consultancy, project management and service management. In doing so, she gained a lot of international experience in the field of collaboration and stakeholder management. In 2018, she expanded her knowledge by…

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Dieuwke van Putten – de Waard

Dieuwke van Putten - de Waard obtained her master's degree (LLM) in European and International Law at Tilburg University. She then worked as a raio (judicial officer in training) at the District Court of Arnhem, where she opted for the sitting magistracy.

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Jannie van der Sleen

Jannie van der Sleen received her MSc. in clinical psychology from the University of Groningen and then worked for 15 years as a behavioral science teacher at the Rechercheschool in Zutphen. There she taught in the field of report, witness and suspect interrogation, specializing in interrogations in vice cases and interrogations of minors.

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