Inge Nijenhuis received her MSc. in clinical psychology from Leiden University. Since 1998, she has been working in business. She held various directorial roles, including in business consultancy, project management and service management. In doing so, she gained a lot of international experience in the field of collaboration and stakeholder management. In 2018, she expanded her knowledge by training as a holistic coach.

Today, Nijenhuis works as a coach in a large organization. She is HR responsible for employees in leadership and management positions. Central to her work is the guidance and development of these employees. She also provides regular support and advice when employees have conflicts with each other. Nijenhuis, she is involved in other complex incidents, for example in cases of transgressive behavior and social insecurity. In terms of content, she focuses on developing leadership and professional responsibility.

In addition to her work for this organization, Nijenhuis has her own coaching and consulting practice. In that capacity, she works closely with Dantes Psychology. She provides coaching programs and offers psychological support and advice to people who have experienced serious conflict and transgressive behavior or threats. She provides this aftercare to both individuals and groups of employees. Nijenhuis also provides training courses and workshops on communication, leadership and management skills. She has a specific interest in developing guidance programs for employees who exhibit transgressive behavior, cause unsafe situations and have resistance to change.