Dieuwke van Putten – de Waard obtained her master’s degree (LLM) in European and International Law at Tilburg University. She then worked as a raio (judicial officer in training) at the District Court of Arnhem, where she opted for the sitting magistracy.

After her raio training, Van Putten worked for more than 13 years in various organizations as an advisory and litigation lawyer in education law and until 2018 at the National Service Center for the Judiciary, where she provided the boards of the various courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court with legal status advice and conducted proceedings in disputes these boards had with their own staff. Since 2017, Van Putten has served as a deputy judge in criminal law at the District Court of Amsterdam.

As of 2018, van Putten works as an independent lawyer within her company Altum legal advice and can count both employees and employers among her clientele in labor and education law. In addition to her own practice, van Putten collaborates with Dantes Psychology in complex cases and provides legal advice to clients arising from the psychologists’ consultation questions. She advises on investigations that have a legal element such as concurrence with an advisory committee. Where appropriate, she also reads research reports with them to review the legal implications, (other than employment law) of the research.