Employee Assessment and Management

Dantes Psychology Services provides psychological assessments for individuals on sensitive positions and for teams working under stressful conditions. …
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Assessment Of Demanding Workplace Behaviour

No organisation is immune to people with problematic behaviour: whether employees, managers in senior positions or clients. …
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Concerning Workplace Behaviour

Building Expert Teams on Concerning Behavior

Managers of large organisations do not always know or recognise individuals posing a threat to the safety, performance and productivity of staff. …
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Victim Support & Team Recovery

Violence in the workplace has a negative impact on employees and can cause psychological damage. Organisations that have experienced workplace violence are often left with employees …
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Conducting and Advising Investigations

Dantes Psychology Services are specialised in leading, coordinating and advising investigations. Our experts are often involved in investigations related to threats …
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High-Risk Operations

Dantes Psychology Services has the expertise and experience to select individuals, build and psychologically assess operational teams. We establish teams that can deliver optimal work results under harsh conditions or under severe stress. …
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