From investigating Organizational Culture and Workplace Incidents relating to bullying and harassment to advicing how to create and maintain a safe and productive work environment...
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14th of September: Amsterdam Medical School (VUmc/AMC)

15h of September: Security Champions Nestle Benelux

23th of September: Study Centre of the Judiciary

27th of September: CBR Interviewing and Fraud Behaviour

30th of September: VU Student Well-Being

26-10: Exptertteam Haagse Hogeschool on Concerning Behaviour

1-11: Study Centre of the Judiciary

5-11: Centre for Organizational Integrity on Concerning Behavior

10-11 Vrije Universiteit on Social Safety

3-12: Centre for Organizational Integrity on Conversation Skills




About us

Dantes Psychology Services is directed by psychologists with longstanding experience in investigating behavioral issues at the workplace. We advice many organizations how to prevent problematic behavior by training activities, investigations and by implementing sustainable structures.
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