From investigating Organizational Culture and Workplace Incidents relating to bullying and harassment to advicing how to create and maintain a safe and productive work environment...
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1-11: Study Centre of the Judiciary on Special Witnessess

5-11: Centre for Organizational Integrity on Concerning Workplace Behavior

10-11 Vrije Universiteit on Social Safety (student well-being)

11-11 Netherlands Police Academy on Threat Assessment

17-11 Google Global Security and Resilience Services on Threat Assessment

30-11 Exxon Mobile training on Concerning Workplace Behaviour

3-12: Centre for Organizational Integrity on Conversation Skills



This is the international handbook on the topic of threat assessment.  In this revised edition Bram van der Meer wrote the 4th chapter

on interviewing techniques called “Source Interviewing in a Threat Management Context” (pp 68-84). More information



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Dantes Psychology Services is directed by psychologists with longstanding experience in investigating behavioral issues at the workplace. We advice many organizations how to prevent problematic behavior by training activities, investigations and by implementing sustainable structures.
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